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U Visas And T Visas

U Visas And T Visas In Los Angeles

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When a non-U.S. citizen within the United States has been a victim of a crime or human trafficking in the U.S., they may qualify for a U visa or T visa. The temporary U visa is usually good for about four years. A U visa holder can live and work in the U.S. as long as it is valid. They should also be willing to help law enforcement agents investigate the crime and/or prosecute the person who committed the crime or engaged in trafficking.

When someone is eligible for a U visa, their close family members can often qualify along with them, including spouses, children, parents and siblings under age 18 who are not married. A U visa holder will be able to obtain a Social Security number allowing them to work legally in the country.

Do You Qualify For A U Visa?

You can apply for a U visa with Form I-918 from inside the U.S. or from another country, as long as the crime took place in the U.S. You can apply even if you are living in the U.S. without proper documentation. In either case, you will need to describe what types of criminal activity affected you, such as:

  • Sexual assault, rape or sexual exploitation
  • Domestic violence, female genital mutilation or prostitution
  • Manslaughter, murder or felony-level assault
  • Kidnapping, unlawful criminal restraint or torture

Together with your application for a U visa, you will need to include a certification from a local law enforcement agency, prosecutor, judge or government agency, such as the Department of Labor. You will need to use the U Nonimmigrant Status Certification (Form I-918, Supplement B) to explain what types of crimes you were targeted with.

After three years in the U.S. with a U visa, you will be able to apply for a green card.

T Visas For Victims Of Trafficking

If you have been a victim of human trafficking in the U.S., you may qualify for a T visa. Like the U visa, it is temporary and is usually good for four years at a time. Your close family members may qualify along with you.

For more information about seeking a T visa or U visa, or adjustment of status if you already have one of these visas, please contact me online or call toll-free at 866-643-8852.

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