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Battered Spouses

Options for Battered or Abused Immigrants

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Are you an immigrant who is experiencing domestic violence or abuse by your U.S. citizen spouse? There may be several options available that would allow you to remain in the United States.

I am immigration attorney Gita B. Kapur, and I help people in Los Angeles, California, and around the world in immigration matters. To learn more about options for battered or abused immigrants, please contact my law office online. Some of these options may include:

  • Self-petitioning for lawful permanent residency
  • Applying for special rule of cancellation of removal before the immigration court
  • Other immigration options

Self-Petitioning for Lawful Permanent Residency

One of the most common ways of seeking permanent residency in the United States is through family immigration options such as fiance/fiancee visas, spousal visas, and child visas. However, when the individual seeking the visa is being abused by the visa petitioner, there may be options available to seek immigration status independently.

Spouses and children of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents of the U.S. who experience domestic violence or abuse may self-petition for lawful permanent residency. They may do so independently, without help from their spouse, and without the spouse even knowing.

Even if you are not married to a legal permanent resident alien or a United States Citizen, but have been subject to domestic violence by your spouse, you can apply for a U visa. Also, if the abuse occurred in your native country by your Spouse, you can also apply for Asylum, Withholding, and relief under CAT.

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To learn more about these and other potential options, please call toll free at 866-643-8852 or send me an e-mail. My legal services are competitively priced, and I offer payment plans to clients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas in California, including Long Beach, Pasadena, San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Ana, and Palmdale who qualify.

We speak a variety of languages to ease the process for our immigrant clients, including Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, Zapotec, Armenian, and Urdu.

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