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Get immediate help with your immigration issue.
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Abogados de inmigración altamente recomendados en el área de Los Ángeles

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Soluciones de inmigración

Nuestro equipo dedicado de abogados experimentados ayuda a las personas a alcanzar sus objetivos de inmigración. Con sede en Los Ángeles, nos hemos ganado la confianza de miles de clientes de docenas de países con asesoría legal inteligente, solidaria y efectiva.

Helping You Overcome Challenges

Our dedicated team of experienced attorneys helps people reach their immigration goals.
Based in Los Angeles, we have earned the trust of thousands of clients from dozens of countries with smart, supportive, and effective legal counsel.

We Understand What You Are Facing

Gita A. Kapur, the attorney who founded our firm, is an immigrant herself (from India). We understand how important it is for you to gain the right legal status, protect family members and move toward a brighter future in America.

Equally important, our experienced legal team has the proven ability to help you take the right steps based on your specific situation. This is shown by the hundreds of positive reviews we have received from clients pleased with our service.

Speaking Your Language

If you are a Spanish speaker, we will communicate with you in Spanish. Our diverse team can also interact with clients in many other languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Zapoteco, Urdu, Armenian and Arabic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most frequently asked questions about immigration that our clients ask?

Deportation defense has been a deep concern for many of our clients, especially in recent years as removals have increased. We urge anyone who is undocumented or has a family member in detention to discuss your situation with an experienced immigration attorney. Learn about opportunities that may be available. We also encourage permanent residents to accelerate the process of naturalization if they are eligible because of potential status problems in case of criminal charges.

What types of family petitions are there?

Family petition options differ depending on whether the relative in the U.S. is (1) a citizen (2) a permanent resident or (3) a refugee or asylee. For U.S. citizens, spouses, unmarried children under age 21, and parents when the U.S. citizens are 21 or older, can typically get green cards without much delay. Provisional unlawful presence waivers may be available to such relatives, as needed. Other opportunities exist for sons and daughters who are married and/or over age 21, and siblings. Permanent residents and refugees/asylees may petition for spouses and children.

What if an immigration agent comes to the door? What are your rights if ICE comes knocking?

Advice from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) includes the following: Stay calm. Keep the door closed. Ask immigration agents or officers to show their identification and/or warrants through a window. You do not have to let police or immigration agents in your home unless they have a criminal warrant. You have the right to remain silent. Don’t lie. Don’t produce false documents. Tell officers that you want to speak with a lawyer. Write down everything you remember, including officers’ badges and patrol car numbers, which agency the officers were from, and any other details. Get contact information for witnesses.

“I was a victim of a crime. Can I get a U visa? If so, what does it allow me to do?”

Victims of certain crimes may be eligible for nonimmigrant U visas. A noncitizen who has suffered mental or physical abuse and has been helpful to law enforcement agents or government officials in the investigation or prosecution of crimes may qualify for a U visa. Someone who qualifies for a U visa may have been harmed through domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or other violent crimes. With a U visa, you will receive a work permit. After three years, you may qualify for adjustment of status and become a permanent resident.

Focusing On Positive Solutions

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