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Motions To Reopen

Motions to Reopen Immigration Cases in Los Angeles

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At the Law Offices of Gita B. Kapur, I help individuals navigate the complex U.S. immigration process. If you are interested in learning about motions to reopen and what options exist given your unique circumstances, please read the information below or contact my law office in Los Angeles, California.

What Is a Motion to Reopen?

A motion to reopen involves filing a petition with the immigration court to reopen an old immigration case. During the process, an individual works with an immigration lawyer to determine options for reopening the case and re-seeking their desired immigration status.

A motion to reopen may be an option:

  • For individuals who did not receive a hearing notice, and subsequently missed their court appearance
  • For individuals who missed their immigration hearing based on exceptional circumstances such as a death or serious illness in the family
  • For individuals whose son or daughter just turned 21 years old and now are eligible for adjustment of status via his or her daughter
  • For individuals who came to the U.S. on a visitor or temporary visa, but who are now married to a U.S. citizen and now can apply for adjustment of status
  • For individuals who had a deportation order placed against them in the past, and are now eligible to apply for permanent residency
  • For individuals whose circumstances have otherwise changed since the time of the last immigration hearing, and are now eligible for a green card or adjustment of status or are eligible for some form of immigration relief which was previously not available

There are other circumstances in which an old immigration case can be reopened. Talk to an experienced immigration attorney to discuss your specific case options.

Prior Deportation Orders

Individuals who have been in the United States illegally and have had a deportation order in the past should speak to an immigration attorney to see what options exist. Appearing at an immigration interview without speaking to a lawyer could lead to arrest and deportation.

Contact an Attorney: Los Angeles Motions to Reopen Immigration Cases

To learn more about motions to reopen and your specific case options, please contact me by calling toll free at 866-643-8852.

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