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At Law Offices of Gita B. Kapur, we care deeply about our employees, clients and communities and want to be sure that we keep them healthy and safe during this unprecedented time. Out of an abundance of caution to the communities we serve, we are closing the office to the public and operating remotely until further notice.

Our website, www.gitakapurlaw.com remains open 24/7 as we continue our commitment to giving clients the best possible experience. Our customer service team will be available via phone at 213-327-0455 or via email at [email protected] to provide service and to answer any questions or concerns our clients may have. We will be conducting telephonic consultations with appointments.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this extraordinary time.


•· To comply with the Federal Judge temporary injunction on the change of DACA to expand to three years, USCIS is retracting three-year EADs for people who fall under three categories: 1) Individuals who received a DACA approval notice and an EAD card after February 16, 2015; 2) Individuals who received their DACA approval notice before February 16 but whose EAD card was issued after February 16; and 3) Individuals whose DACA was approved and EAD mailed before February 16, but whose EAD was returned to USCIS as undeliverable and re-mailed after February 16. Note that these EADs may show an approval date from before February 16, but still must be returned because they were not received until afterward.

•· USCIS reports that about 1,300 people nationally, including about 150 people in Chicago, have yet to return their three-year EADs

•· To retrieve those EAD cards, please be alert that USCIS will begin home visits in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and possibly San Francisco starting today.

Things to know if you receive a letter or home visit from USCIS

•· If the DACA recipient is not home, USCIS will not leave behind any written notice of the visit. Drop the EAD card at the local USCIS office and get a receipt. The individual should be removed from the home visit list once the card is returned.

•· If the DACA recipient is home, please return the 3 years EAD card. USCIS has advised that home visits should be restricted to locating individuals with outstanding three years EADs and retrieving those EADs. Individuals and family have a right to decline to answer an questions that go beyond those topics

•· Anyone that returns the 3 years EAD card should be provided with the receipt from USCIS.

•· Upon return of the 3 year EAD card, USCIS has stated that everyone should be receiving a replacement two-year EAD by mail within a week.

•· Individuals who don't return their three year EADS will have their DACA benefits terminated on July 31, 2015.

•· It is recommended that individuals who receive or have received letters from USCSI requesting they return their three years EADS to do so in person at their nearest USCIS office, not by mail, due to the short deadline USCSI has set for retrieving the documents.

•· For more information, please feel free to contact our office at 213-327-0455.

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