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Undocumented Immigrants Are Parents

In a recent article on New York Times, Roberto Suro, a professor of public policy and journalism at the University of Southern California, and Marcelo M. Suarez-Orozco, the dean of the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, talked about the harmful effects on children on threat of parents' deportation can cause, which could result in delay cognitive development, lower educational performance, and clinical levels of anxiety. Per the authors of the article, one of every 15 children living in the United States has an unauthorized parent. Think of this one in 15 statistic when you next time pass by a park or school, and look at those beautiful innocent faces. Those children are punished every day with a threat that one day federal government would take their parents away from them, and they might never see them again. President Obama has tried to address this problem in November, 2014 by issuance of one of the executive reform, Deferred Action of Parenthood Arrivals (DAPA), which would grant permission to parents of American citizens and legal residents to remain in the United States for three years and to work legally as long as they meet a number of conditions. However, the executive reform is facing legal challenges right now. Unfortunately, there is no reasonable case to be made for punishing those children. The American sense of fairness and system of justice have long embraced the notion that the "sins of the father" should not be visited on the children. Yet these children are being punished every day.

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