Effective May 5, 2014, any applicant for naturalization (U.S. citizenship) will be required to file the new version of Form N-400, which has a revision date of September 13, 2013. Until May 2, 2014, the USCIS will continue to accept older versions of the Form N-400.

At 21 pages, the new form is significantly longer than the old form, which is only 10 pages long. The additional length is due in large part to a new bar code that appears at the bottom of each page, more space for residences and children, and approximately 40 additional questions in Part 11 relating to the following: good moral character; military service; group membership; and past involvement with terrorism, persecution, torture, or genocide. USCIS states that while the eligibility requirements for naturalization have not changed, the additional questions relating to terrorism, persecution, torture, or genocide are necessitated by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. The new form also includes additional questions about the applicant's parents, current spouse, and prior spouse(s), and requires a statement concerning the failure to register for the Selective Service prior to age 26. In addition, the preparer's statement has been revised and there is a new interpreter's statement that the applicant and interpreter must sign, if applicable. More than ever, it has become more prudent to hire a legal representative to help you fill out the form and determine any ineligibility issue.

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