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Chula Vista immigration attorney, Gita B. Kapur has been helping individuals and their family with immigration needs in Chula Vista for many years. As an immigration attorney in Chula Vista she has helped clients with immigration cases such as deportation and removal defense, criminal deportation defense, consular processing and waivers, immigration denial appeals, detention and bond issues, visas, naturalization, green cards and citizenship. If you or a loved one is in need of an experienced Chula Vista immigration lawyer, contact Gita B. Kapur today.

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General Information About Chula Vista

Chula Vista is a city that is about 50 square miles wide and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the West of the city and mountains to the east of Chula Vista. The city's name in spanish means "beautiful view", and Chula Vista definitely lives up to its given name. Chula Vista is located only located 7 miles away from downtown San Diego and 7 miles away from the Mexican Border to the south. Chula Vista is very diverse and is populated with about 230,000 people. Chula Vista is the 2nd biggest city in San Diego County and is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States.

Directions from Chula Vista:

Direction from Chula Vista

To speak directly with one of our Chula Vista immigration lawyers, follow these directions to our office.

1. Head west on F St toward 5th Ave

2. Turn right onto Broadway

3. Turn left onto E St

4. Turn right to merge onto I-5 N

5. Slight left to stay on I-5 N (signs for Santa Ana)

6. Slight right to stay on I-5 N (signs for I-10 W/Santa Monica)

7. Take exit 134C on the left to merge onto E 7th St

8. Turn right onto S Olive St

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